My Preschool... Mahay

"A big, bright, and magical place"

Mahay is the spirit of the forest who cares for and teaches the Selknam. The Selknam tribe lived in Patagonia for a long time. They were wise, noble

 and peaceful people that loved and cared for nature and all living beings.


In comparison, our Preschool is the spirit of the forest. In it, we learn to love each other, care for ourselves as well as nature, animals and people.

And we also learn from the real world.

Upon arrival, the Guides teach the children how to do everything but never do it for them. The Guides allow them to choose what they want to learn, and stay nearby just in case they need their support. This is a great approach as the children learn faster and feel safe in the learning environment.

Rooms are large with numerous areas to access the materials and tools that are need. Everything is clean, beautiful and has a special place. The children feel cozy and at home knowing they must take care of the place as it is where they share, play and learn.

We are a genuinely Montessori
Preschool. We apply this to all the

aspects of the Preschool and the

result is reflected in the children;

displaying in attitude of peacefulness,

happiness, order, and discipline. They 
reveal their love towards themselves

and their environment.

Mahay Montessori Preschool’s Essence

We are a genuine Montessori Preschool. We apply this to all aspects of preschool and the result is

reflected in the children; playing happily whilst showing peaceful disciplined behavior

They show love towards themselves and their environment.

Contact with Nature

  • Our land is 1600 square meters with a natural garden and large spaces.

  • Our children are able to sow, cultivate, harvest and water the vegetable garden.

  • We only play games with high quality wooden materials, we do not use plastic.

  • Children interact with the animals as they roam freely where the they can touch, observe, and feed them.

  • We have various kinds of animals like tortoises, chickens and their chicks, bunnies, snails, and worms.

Bilingual Methodology

  • During the first 6 years of life, the child is “ripe” for language learning.

  • In this stage, children develop skills that may not receive throughout their life

  • We have two guides per classroom; one speaks Spanish only and the other, English. The goal is to allow the children to listen in both languages ​​naturally, being capable of understanding, speaking, reading and writing in both English and Spanish.

  • Materials we use in the classroom are in both languages, which contributes to natural bilingualism.

Activities with Parents

  • We invite the parents to accompany their child in their first few days of settling in the Preschool.

  • We frequently offer talks with topics relevant to the child's stage, to deepen their understanding of our Montessori approach.

  • We invite parents to showcase their professions or hobbies. Reason being, children love to observe and imitate the real activities carried out by adults

  • We organize personalized meetings to communicate the progress of their child.

Trained Montessori Guides

  • Our Guides are certified in the Montessori Method and they are in constant training and practice.

  • They are passionately dedicated to their vocation.

  • Our Guides apply positive discipline practices.

  • They are all prepared in first aid courses

Inclusion and Coexistence

  • We believe in providing the educational tools necessary for the child to face life with an advantage, allowing them to better direct their future.

  • We incorporate children from limited resources who have been granted scholarships.

  • We include children with different abilities who integrate naturally into our classroom. This helps to flourish the virtues of empathy, solidarity and community.


More About Mahay

Joyful Hearts, Peaceful Minds, and Bright Souls



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